A new option for growth potential and market protection

We’re excited to announce the launch of the Nationwide Peak 10 Fixed Indexed Annuity. 

The new Nationwide Peak® 10 has been designed to help provide a balance between growth potential and protection for the money your clients worked so hard to save.

Key Features

Guaranteed Income Solution with 4% Rollup

Bonus Income+ Rider with 7% Rollup with

10% Income Benefit Base & Joint Life Option

Index Options

Product Highlights

Exclusive: Alliance Bernstein Growth and Value Balanced IndexSM (GaVL)

Exclusive: J.P. Morgan CycleSM Index

S&P 500® Daily Risk Control Index

Long Term Care Waiver*

Terminal Illness Waiver*

*May not be available in all states.

Spousal Protection Feature

Built-in Charitable Feature

S&P 500® Price Index

Tailored options for guaranteed retirement income

We designed the Nationwide Peak 10 Fixed Indexed Annuity to help meet the needs of people seeking a balance between growth potential and protection for the money they’ve worked hard to save. That’s why we also created two living benefit options for guaranteed retirement income so you can choose the option that best fits your needs.

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1 The simple interest roll-up rates are on your Income Benefit Base, each year for 10 years or until your first withdrawal

2 The bonus credit is applied to the Income Benefit Base immediately

3 You can exercise this feature only once; it’s not available in the first rider year and only prior to the first-lifetime withdrawal.

Nationwide Peak® 10 provides exclusive access to new indexes

The new Nationwide Peak® 10 offers two unique index options that are designed to deliver growth while also managing volatility.

J.P. Morgan CycleSM Index

The J.P. Morgan CycleSM Index provides timely allocation between domestic-focused equities and bonds based on various factors, market conditions, and the current phase of the business cycle.

Index Elements

Equity Style Rotation

An equity style rotation is utilized to overweight the portfolio with the type of stocks that have historically performed well during each phase of the business cycle.


Allocation Methodology

The index regularly rebalances among five portfolio components based on the specific phase of the business cycle in order to achieve the highest equity weighting and maintain a 5% volatility target.

Alliance Bernstein Growth and Value Balanced IndexSM (GaVL)

The Alliance Bernstein Growth and Value Balanced IndexSM are designed to generate consistent returns while maintaining balance to navigate changing markets.  The index incorporates equity and fixed income sleeves to form a portfolio that is managed to a modest 5% annualized volatility target.

Index Elements

Focused Equity Approach

The Index’s focused equity approach includes both growth and value stocks, using proprietary momentum signals to lean into outperformers and away from underperformers.

Balanced to Navigate Changing Markets

The Index uses a risk-driven approach, so it can tactically allocate more assets into stocks in calm markets and more assets into bonds when markets are stressed.

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