Alliance Bernstein Growth and Value Balanced Index℠

Designed to deliver growth to investors, exclusively available within Nationwide Peak® 10 fixed indexed annuity.


Objective: Generate consistent returns while maintaining balance to navigate changing markets

Approach: A focused equity approach that opportunistically rotates between growth and value stocks

Holdings: Domestic stocks and bonds

Features: Uses a risk-driven approach that allocates more assets into stocks when markets are calm and into bonds when markets are stressed

The combined stock/bond portfolio targets modest volatility

Equity and-fixed income sleeves are combined to form one portfolio…

…that’s managed to a modest 5% annualized volatility target using a risk-controlled process.

How the S&P 500® and Alliance Bernstein Growth and Value Balanced IndexSM can grow together

Understanding how Alliance Bernstein Growth and Value Balanced IndexSM can help your clients

Annual Performance


* This illustration is for hypothetical purposes only using back-testing. It is no guarantee of future performance.

Three ways the Alliance Bernstein Growth and Value Balanced IndexSM can help



Stays balanced to navigate changing markets

The Index uses a risk-driven approach, so it can tactically allocate more assets into stocks in calm markets and more assets into bonds when markets are stressed.


Unlocks equity return potential

The Index’s focused equity approach includes both growth and value stocks, using proprietary momentum signals to lean into outperformers and away from underperformers


Uses flexibility to adjust bond exposure

The Index can reduce interest-rate exposure when bonds struggle, which may help improve its overall performance.

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