Bonus Income+ Rider

With Nationwide Peak® 10, your clients are guaranteed not to lose any of their initial investment or credited earnings due to underlying index performance. Give your clients more confidence in their future with increased lifetime withdrawals rates as high as 7.15%.

When it comes to your retirement, guaranteed income can mean a lot.

In addition to the Guaranteed Income Solution, the Nationwide Peak® 10 Fixed Indexed annuity includes the optional Bonus Income+ Rider. For an additional cost, the Bonus Income+ Rider provides a 20% bonus credit, an 8% roll-up rate, a joint option, and other features that may benefit your clients. The Bonus Income+ Rider must be elected at the time the contract is issued, and when added to Nationwide Peak 10, it provides:

No Waiting Period

Begin your lifetime withdrawals immediately.

Guaranteed Lifetime Income

That won’t decrease, even if the client’s contract value goes to zero.

Non-Lifetime Withdrawal

Take one non-lifetime withdrawal that will not stop the 8% simple interest roll-up rate on the Income Benefit Base and will not lock in the lifetime withdrawal percentage.

Guaranteed income for life 

Wondering how the Bonus Income rider works? Or what it could mean for your client’s spouse who needs to do a withdrawal?

How The Income Benefit Base Grows 

To help you potentially stay ahead of inflation, you will receive a 20% bonus credit to your Income Benefit Base on the first day of your contract. The bonus is considered in all calculations going forward. The Bonus Income+ Rider also offers a guaranteed 8% simple interest roll-up rate each year for the first 10 years or until your first lifetime withdrawal, whichever comes first. At each contract anniversary, the Income Benefit Base is reset to the greater of the contract value (based on index performance) or the roll-up value.

Another Nationwide Peak® 10 bonus rider enhancement is here!

Nationwide has increased the withdrawal percentages on our Bonus Income+ rider. These new withdrawal rates are our highest to date with rates as high as 7.15%, giving your clients the confidence in their future. 

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