Key Features

Built-in Guaranteed Income Solution with 4% Rollup

Bonus Income+ Rider

8% Rollup

20% Income Benefit Base Bonus

Joint Life Option

Index Options

Exclusive: BNP Paribas Global H-Factor® Index

Exclusive: Alliance Bernstein Growth and Value Balanced Index®

Exclusive: J.P. Morgan CycleSM Index

S&P 500® Daily Risk Control Index

Product Highlights

Spousal Protection Feature

Long Term Care Waiver*

Terminal Illness Waiver*

*May not be available in all states.

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The BNPP Global H-Factor Index

Taking a statistical approach to portfolio management

Using a probability-based methodology, the BNPP Global H-Factor® Index seeks to identify when the H-Factor® (investor behavior) has overpriced the stock. It calculates the probability that a company will deliver the growth needed to support its stock price. It then refines the equity portion within the index to remove those equities with a higher probability of failing to deliver the returns needed to support their stock price.

Calculates implied growth rate

The H-Factor® methodology calculates the implied growth rate for each stock based on known financials and the current stock price

Compares against historical data

Then for each stock, the implied growth is compared with historical growth rates from the past 12 quarters.

Determines H-Factor® score

Finally, an H-Factor® score, the probability that a stock will fail to deliver the implied growth rate, is assigned for each stock. The lower, the better.

Why is a lower H-Factor® score better?

A low H-Factor® score represents a low probability of failing to deliver the growth implied by the stock price.

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