Guaranteed Income Solution

The Guaranteed Income Solution is a lifetime income withdrawal feature designed to provide a consistent retirement income your clients can count on.


• 4% simple interest roll-up of the Income Benefit Base for 10 years or until the first withdrawal, whichever is first.

• Built-in feature, so there is no additional cost.

• Guaranteed lifetime income, even if the contract value falls to zero.

• Income based on client age at first withdrawal.

• Must be at least age 50 at application and does not apply if Bonus Income+ Rider is chosen.

When your clients need retirement income

The Guaranteed Income Solution can provide a steady stream of income that’s guaranteed for the rest of your client’s life — even if their contract value falls to $0. The income phase allows them to turn the growth of their contract or the Income Benefit Base into income by taking lifetime withdrawals.

Income Benefit Base:

The numerical value used to calculate your client’s lifetime withdrawals; is not a cash value. On each anniversary, it will be the greater of:

• Contract value

• Income Benefit Base1

The lifetime withdrawal percentage is based on the owner’s attained age when the first withdrawal is taken.

• Your income percentage is based on your age and is determined when you take your first withdrawal.

• There is no waiting period, so you may begin withdrawals right away, but if you wait longer, your lifetime withdrawal percentage may increase based on your age.

• Your lifetime withdrawal amount is determined by multiplying your lifetime withdrawal percentage by your Income Benefit Base.

Other Important Information:

• The owner must be at least age 50 for this feature to apply; beneficially owned contracts are excluded

• This feature applies to all contracts unless the Bonus Income+ Rider is elected

1Income Benefit Base is the value used to calculate your lifetime withdrawals; it is not a cash value. It’s calculated from the prior contract anniversary adjusted for roll-up crediting and excess withdrawals, if applicable.

The Results

The Guaranteed Income Solution is a built-in feature of the contract and available at no additional cost for clients ages 50 or older at the time of purchase. It provides you with a guaranteed 4% simple interest roll-up (or increase) on your income benefit base each year for the first 10 years or until you take your first-lifetime withdrawal, whichever comes first. This means that in periods of weak market performance and low or no contract value growth, your income benefit base will still increase each year due to the regular increases of the roll-up value. During periods of strong market performance and contract value growth, your income benefit base will be set to the account value if it’s greater than the roll-up value. That means that on each anniversary, the income benefit base is the greater of the contract value or the 4% guaranteed roll-up value.

* The illustrations used here contains hypothetical figures and do not represent actual results. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance or of values of indexed life insurance. Different time scenarios will produce varying results, which could be less or more favorable depending on the performance of each entity. Fixed indexed annuities are not stock market investments and do not directly participate in any stock or equity investments.


age 65

Investment goal: The option for guaranteed retirement income.

How the built-in Guaranteed Income Solution works

IN YEAR 1, Samantha purchases a Nationwide Peak 10 Fixed Indexed Annuity for $100,000. She likes knowing that if she needs income in the future, she can turn this into income that she won’t outlive.

Samantha is guaranteed a 4% simple interest roll-up rate on her income benefit base each year for the first 10 years or until her first withdrawal, whichever comes first.

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